Here is a list of items you will need for your hiking trip. You should bring these items with you on even the shortest of wilderness hiking trips since a sudden downpour or sprained ankle can lengthen your time in the forest. Each item should be considered for it's usefulness, durability, and weight. You need only to bring the basics as all of the "extras" are provided by your guide, such as: emergency medical kit, bug repellent,
trail maps, leanto emergency shelter, picnic utensils, shovel, etc.

It is a good idea to have a day pack or frame pack for easy accessibility of items such as your raingear, camera, sweatshirt, dry socks, etc.

We recommend using a layered approach when choosing clothing for your hike. You will need one basic outfit to which you can add items of clothing to provide warmth and dryness. An extra set of clothing should be included in case the first becomes wet, although hikers who prefer to wear shorts will need only one pair of long pants to wear at night or after a rain.

What To Wear

1 pair hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes (well broken in)

1 pair short or long pants (varies by season)

1 pair wool or medium thickness boot socks

Underwear or Long johns (depending on season)

1 t-shirt short or long sleeved (by season)

1 wool sweater or thick sweatshirt (depending on time of year)

Protective head gear (for shade or warmth, depending on season)

Sunglasses or clipons (preferrably with UV protection)

Any other personal necessities

What To Carry In Your Day Pack

Lightweight, durable Raingear. (can double as windbreaker on cool evenings)

1 pair of long pants or sweatpants (varies by season)

1 pair shorts or swimsuit (by season)

1 or 2 extra pairs of wool or medium thickness boot socks

Plastic water bottle (filled)

Inform Guide & Hiking Partner about any serious medical conditions.)

2 or more Energy or Granola bars

Matches or Lighter

Small backpacker type flashlight with new or extra batteries

Pocket Knife

Compass & Area map (optional, Guide has them)

Small thin towel

Toiletries: toilet paper
(For Overnite Camping include: biodegradable soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products)

Any other personal necessities

IMPORTANT: In a small ziplock bag put: ID (driver's license), health insurance card, credit card or small amount of money, important phone numbers and any medical alert info.
Please do not bring a wallet, address book, jewelry or unnecessary cosmetics as they may get wet.)

OPTIONAL ITEMS: small camera and film, binoculars, insect repellant, sunscreen, and/or lip balm.

Prohibited Items:

Firearms, Fireworks, Illegal Drugs

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