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Master Carpenter & Cabinetmaker Dave Fortner recently completed building his own custom solar house, so you know he has the skills & experience to help you with any building or remodeling job. Check out his website at and then call him at 828-776-2466.



Computer Security & Network Technical Support Services for all personal computer users, small businesses, non-profits, and others. We are experienced with routers, switches, broadband, IAD's, NID's and other network infrastructure from AdTran, Cisco/Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, Wayport, and other vendors. Internet connectivity issues quickly resolved, and bandwidth bottlenecks identified & remediated.

If your computer is starting to run very slowly, or crash more & more frequently, or suddenly indicate a large increase in hard drive activity when you aren't doing anything, then your computer may be infected with a virus, trojan, or other malware. Don't bother taking your computer to a local computer store - they'll do the minimum to remove your immediate problem but without better defenses and some "safe computing" training you will be re-infected again very shortly. Most computer security studies indicate that an unprotected computer that connects to the internet will be under malicious attack within 15 minutes! Don't believe it? Check the firewall log of any computer that has connected to the internet and see for yourself.

We realize that internet access & information privacy are important for every computer user, whether a home user or business professional, so we disinfect, defend, lockdown and train users in safe computing practices for a sliding scale fee. So everyone can enjoy the internet without being victimized. Short on cash? Don't worry. We care, so we'll even barter with you if necessary to get the job done. So remember: "if you're unprotected you're probably infected."

Call LANCOPS SecureNET Services at 828-226-0136 or  see them at for more information.


Custom sewing by Maggie Barton, including curtains, napkins, pocketbooks, table runners, vests, etc. Clothing alterations as well. Call Maggie at 828-492-0364.

Unique Greeting Cards by Asheville Artist Caryn Schlosser, who courageously transcends the limits of Autism and taps into her creative genius. You can see and order some of her work on her website, as well as learn more about her spiritual journey. Our best wishes to you Caryn - you are an inspiration to us all! Call Caryn at 828-251-5207







Homesites for Sale: 1-2 acre lots, great mountain views, southern exposure, cool mountain breezes, housepads-ready to build, restrictions-NO MOBILE HOMES, 15 minutes to Sylva,NC, 3miles to Western Carolina University, close to Cherokee and Great Smoky National Park, minimum investment $9900. Call Gilbert & Kay at 828-631-9595.

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