Maggie's Place
Scheduled Events


Dec 24th, Wednesday: Christmas Eve

It is a tradition at Maggie's Place to have a very special Christmas Eve Celebration. Depending upon the weather, we might have a ceremony around the Sacred Fire Circle or in the Great Room, gather together with other friends from the Waynesville Area at someone's house, or go Christmas Caroling through the neighborhood. Be prepared for some sort of last minute surprise as we "go with the flow" on this very special occasion.

Dec 25th, Thursday: Christmas Day

We really believe in a traditional Christmas all day celebration with all of the trimmings: roast turkey with gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, creamed onions, salad, fresh baked bread, apple pie with vanilla ice cream, and all sorts of culinary favorites. Join us for Christmas caroling around our Kurzweil synthesizer, storytelling & poetry reading around a cozy wood fire, and prayers of gratitude for yet another year of Life.

Regardless of your religious or spiritual background, you are welcome to join us in celebrating the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, as well as the many sacred Winter celebrations that peoples throughout the world have in common. As always, the theme at Maggie's Place is Universality - The Brotherhood of All Humanity and the Search for Eternal Truth. Brings something of your own beliefs to share with us and others who may wish join us. Together we can create a Joyous Day of Celebration and Renewal.