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We love to make, buy, sell or recommend high-quality, gift items of lasting beauty and meaning that make a heartfelt statement when received. 
We won't waste your time, or ours, on imported junk. Only the finest handmade gift items, unconditionally guaranteed, that we have here at Maggie's Place or have seen ourselves at the artist's studio.

Gifts from the Heart

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Books We Recommend: few things show that you care more than a gift of one of the great books of our time. Powerful books that help to enlighten, transform, empower, and inspire those we truly love. Long after the "gold-plated digital escargot forks" have been sold in a garage sale, these books are continuing to inspire and guide the lives of those wise enough to employ their ideas in the greatest adventure of all: LIFE! Order these books through us and you help us to continue our work of consciousness raising and personal transformation. 

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Gemscapes: our long-time friend, Dennis Osrow, makes beautiful, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind gemscapes that are artistic interpretations of various flowers, trees, and other plants. Dennis has always had a fascination for flowers, often stopping to look at and smell one during a hike in the forest, or even a stroll around town. His gemscapes make great gifts for dear friends who love nature and the arts, and with prices from $5 to $150 you can easily find one within your budget
You can see his on-line catalog at
http://www.gemscapesgallery.com - enjoy!

Order on-line and send to someone you love.

Maggie's Poetry Chapbook: Look for the upcoming publication of Maggie Barton's poetry, prose, and short-stories in the next few weeks. The end result of our seven years here at Maggie's Place, Maggie's newfound writing skills have resulted in over 120 poems and 6 short-stories that are guaranteed to shine the light of awareness on your soul's journey through the adventure of Life. "A dose of Magic for your Inner Child!"

Call Maggie Barton at 828-452-9609.

New Age Music from Kent Forward: Check out the soulful music selections from Kent's new album "Wonderlust" at his MP3 website at http://www.cdbaby.com/kentforward. Kent is following his dream and creating soaring and expansive New Age music that really uplifts your spirit. Kent and Lisa came to Maggie's Place several years ago when we were first getting started. They shared their dream with us in our sweatlodge ceremony, and it is wonderful to see it taking root. Congratulations Kent - way to go!

Order on-line and send to someone you love.

You can find out more about Kent Forward at: http://www.broadjam.com/artists/artistindex.asp?artistID=8771 

Click on Drawing for more information. Unique Pen & Ink Drawings from Carolyn DeMorest Serrano:  
Carolyn is a much sought after pen & ink graphics artist who is frequently commissioned to do one-of-a-kind drawings of homes, businesses, landscapes, etc. Her work is breathtakingly realistic and meticulously hand crafted. Placed in a complimentary frame, these unique pen & ink drawings will be treasured for a lifetime, and passed on to future generations as a historical reminder of the craftsmanship of earlier times. Call Carolyn at 828-696-3322.

Click here for James Lyle's comic art website! Bold, Heroic Comic Book Art & more, by James Lyle: What can we say about Jimmy's larger-than-life comic book artistry? While many adults have forgotten about the wonderful imaginative world of comic books, some of us still value the "journeys of the imagination" that illustrative art makes accessible. In many ways, a happy spiritual life filled with adventure, love, romance, and creativity is the "Path of the Hero" - the path of those whose faith helps them to overcome fear and choose The Road Less Traveled. Why not inspire someone with the gift of one of the bold, courageous images of James Lyle's comic book art gallery, or commission him to airbrush a scene from the life of some heroic person of the past? 

You can contact him through his website at http://www.comicartistsdirect.com/lyle.html.

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