Grand Canyon of the South Tour

(Linville Gorge)


 Enjoy vast panoramas of the mountains on the  Blue Ridge Parkway east of Asheville.
 Climb the tower at the top of Mt. Mitchell, the highest point east of the Mississippi.
 Hike a brief distance to Linville Falls, 
perhaps the mightiest of all waterfalls in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
 Revel in the view of Linville Gorge from Wiseman's View, 
presided over by Hawksbill Peak and Table Rock Mountain.
 Visit a cave big enough for busloads of visitors.
 Marvel in the 360-degree view for many miles at the top of Table Rock Mountain.
 Picnic in the forest primeval.
 Enjoy a hike down the Mountain-to-Sea Trail, 
past some of the most spectacular rock formations in the mountains.
 Climb down to the Linville River on the most scenic cliff-side trail in the East.


$50 per person/lunch included
Rated: Energetic

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