A Granite Monolith

(Looking Glass Cliffs)

Looking Glass Mountain is a bald, granite monolith of immense size near Brevard.
On the journey to the mountain cliffs, we will see a number of beautiful sights:

You'll discover scenic splendors on the Blue Ridge Parkway west of Asheville.

We'll feast our eyes on vast vistas of the world's oldest mountains.

We'll stop at Sliding Rock Park, a natural water slide in the lush mountain forests.

We can stand at the foot of Looking Glass Falls, one of the truly mighty waterfalls abounding in Western North Carolina.

You will hike through deep back woods, experiencing the forest primeval up-close.

We'll do our sacred site ceremony and commune with the Great Spirit at the base of a thousand foot (straight-up!) cliff on this tremendous stone mountain.

We will picnic in the Pink Beds, a gorgeous clearing with old-fashioned pavilions in a rhododendron filled meadow.

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