Help Build a Deltec Home in the Mountains

Whether you're an older couple ready to leave the suburban rat race, a young couple seeking affordable home ownership that appreciates in value, or a Nature-loving loner wanting an escape pod in the forest, you might want to consider the many benefits of building your own Deltec Home in the Mountains:

  1. Deltec home kits come in sizes ranging from 300sqft to 5000sqft
  2. They can be stacked vertically or joined with connecting wings into a large variety of custom configurations that will fit perfectly onto your building site - even on steep slopes.
  3. A Deltec kit can be assembled by a small team of family & friends, guided by an experienced expert and the detailed assembly instructions, in a matter of a few weeks.
  4. Once you are "dried in", you can finish the inside as time & money allow.
    A great way to ease into home ownership with lots of sweat equity & a little help from family, friends and neighbors.

To get some Deltec assembly experience, why not help someone else to put up their Deltec kit? Not only will you learn some much-needed skills, but you will enter the New World of The Circle of Neighborliness. Welcome to an old-fashioned house raising 21st century style!
P.S. Maybe you'll get some help when you put yours up...


Mark & Jessica LaShell, along with their 2 1/2 year old son Ben, are building their two story Deltec with a custom bump out in White Oak Township near Fines Creek, North Carolina.

Mark is a Park Ranger in the Cataloochee area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and he specializes in Emergency Medical Aid, Search & Rescue, and Law Enforcement in the Park. He states that Forest Rangers are charged with "protecting the Park and the people who visit the Park." Jessica is expecting their second child in August, and they chose a Deltec for its affordability, energy efficiency, scenic views, and appealing round shape.

Call Mark & Jessica at Home 828-627-8932 
or via Cellphone 828-400-9792. 

Here is the current status of their project, and its projected timeline:



Work Date(s) Tasks Involved Picture(s) Completed?
4/25 Deltec Kit Delivered

4/26-4/27 1st Floor Walls Assembled

4/27 2nd Floor Joists Installed

4/28 2nd Floor Subfloor Installed
4/28-4/29 2nd Floor Wallpanels Installed
4/29 Roof Trusses Installed
4/30-5/6 Roof Sheathing Installed
5/7-5/13 Roofing Tar Paper Installed
5/14-5/31 Bumpout Framed
06/09 Bumpout Sheathed & Insulated
6/24-6/30 Finish Interior Framing, Hang Drywall, Install Pocket Doors, Install Windows & Exterior Door, Install Hardyboard Siding
7/1-7/7 Roofers Install Metal Roof, Blown Insulation in Walls, Some Drywall, Stain Concrete Floor?
7/8-7/14 Prime Drywall, Paint Ceilings, Build Staircase
7/15-7/21 Start Bath Vanities, Kitchen Cabinets
7/22-7/28 Continue Bath Vanities, Tile Bath Floors
7/29-8/4 Install Upstairs Hardwood Floors