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Maggie Barton, Proprietor

Growing up in England, Maggie enjoyed the pleasantries of English Inns and brings those special experiences to the United States. She spent many years on Long Island, New York maintaining her own psychotherapy practice and opening her home to friends and clients. Maggie's Place is a direct consequence of her desire to create a sanctuary for inner healing and soul awakening.

To find out more about Maggie, select [Maggie's Homepage] for her biography and writings or select [Resume] for her work/education history.

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Alan McRae, Co-Proprietor

Growing up on Long Island, New York, Alan has had the benefit of a multi-cultural social environment and an excellent educational system. Traveling between his grandparents farm in Eastern North Carolina and a three year odyssey in Eastern Maine, Alan has developed a love of Nature & unspoiled ecosystems. As President of McRae Management Corporation, he had 25 years of experience creating & maintaining PC-based business management systems.

As President of LANCOPS SecureNET Services, he handles special projects for the top national & international MSP's at their Fortune 1000 clients, as well as select engagements on all of the most popular online IT work markets. He has a perfect 5 star rating as an IT technician.

To find out more about Alan, select [Alan's Homepage] for his biography and writings or select [Resume] for his work/education history.

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