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Tuesday, June 21st, is the Summer Solstice, one of the most important days of the spiritual year. Aboriginal peoples throughout the world will be gathering their tribes and villages together this weekend to celebrate this auspicious time when the sun appears to "stand still" on the horizon for several days, before it begins its southward journey again. Honoring our connection to the Sun, the source of the energy that sustains all life on our planet, is an important spiritual offering to our Creator.

 Summer Solstice Celebration
We will be sharing the spiritual energies of this celestial event with our friends & neighbors on TBA
(ALAN's PHONE 828-492-0364 OR CELL PHONE 828-226-0136)

All are invited to attend, but please bring some food for the potluck supper that will be a part of the celebration. And don't forget to bring your drum, dancing bells or other musical instrument. If you plan to camp overnight with us, you will need to bring a sleeping bag, overnight toiletries, and maybe a small tent. Click HERE for more information.

For those who need a place in a tent to stay overnight, please call.