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Appropriate Technologies

Deltec Homes Build Your Cozy Deltec Home in the Country A cozy, affordable house in the country... Buy some land and put a really special house on it!
Earthship Landing: A Pictorial History
IHI home page
Adaptive Computers Systems Home Page
Mobility Impaired Resources
Computer Access from Origin Instruments
The Prentke Romich Company Home Page
Assistive Technology Web Report

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Art and Literature

The Internet Public Library
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library
The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
The Whitney Museum of American Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Paris Pages Musee duLouvre
Shakespeare Homepage
The Virtual Library: Museums
WebMuseum: Bienvenue!

1492 Exhibit

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Teachers, take the hassle out of finding a new job by letting us do it for you - totally free of charge! is a UK based teacher recruitment agency.

Technology Solutions, Inc. HomePage
Interim Services Inc.
America's Job Bank
Pros Online - Home Page

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Information and access to crucial resources for seekers of community, existing and forming communities, and other friends of community.
Earthaven, a growing neo-tribal ecovillage, is dedicated to caring for people and the Earth by learning, living and demonstrating holistic, sustainable culture. Culture's Edge, our non-profit education center, offers hands-on workshops and programs throughout the year which are integral to the overall vision of Earthaven as a living demonstration ecovillage. Earthaven is a spiritually diverse activist community developing on 325 acres in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, USA. Guided by Permaculture design principles, we are building an ecovillage in the midst of a regenerating deciduous forest. We have fifty five full members and expect to grow to approximately 150 people.
Unahwi Ridge Unahwi Ridge community has been designed and developed to protect natural resources, preserve productive farmland and promote community in western NC. The 600-acre eco-development offers home sites, gardens, amenities and miles of nature trails. Homesites overlook their certified organic farm and views of surrounding mountains.

Westwood CoHousing

Westwood, completed in 1998, is a 24-town home Planned Unit Development with Community Building on 4½ acres in Asheville, NC. A private Construction Loan Pool, assembled by the Development Company, financed the construction. The 3,800 square foot Community Building includes a shared kitchen, a dining room, a play room, a lounge, two guest rooms, a library, an office equipment nook, central mailboxes, a laundry facility, a central mechanical room, and unfinished space for future resident group decision. The builder was Neighborhood Design Build of Asheville.

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Adobe Systems Inc. Home Page
AT&&T Home Page
Datawatch Home Page
Mercury Center Main Menu
RealAudio Homepage
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Computer Information Corner
Computers Parts and Upgrades
Advertising in The Used Computer Mall
The Used Computer Mall(tm)
The Used Computer Trading Post

The Ultimate Collection of WinsockSoftware
Stroud's Winsock Apps List
Whole Internet Catalog
Learning HTML
Web Magazine NCT
The Directory - 7,000 Internet ISP's
The List - 5,000 Internet ISP's

Welcome to PC/Computing

SHAREWARE.COM: Search Results

R870: Unix System Administration - A Survival Course
FreeBSD Handbook

PCWin Resource Center Home Page

Installing Terminals & Modems.

Computerized Accounting Home Page
Accounting Systems -- Accounting System Locator / Selector

POSitec Solutions Inc. - Retail Point-of-Sale (POS)

The Application Directory
LISA, Inc.
The Accounting Software of Choice
IBM's Club Cyberblue
IBM Global Services
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Software
Q&A for Unix, Xenix, and ODT Modem Sites SCO comp.unix.xenix.sco Newsgroup
Chapter 3 - Logging on Xenix Systems
The Ultimate Homepage Index: "XENIX"
Welcome to comp.unix.xenix.sco [monthly FAQ posting]
! email - e-mail - 12,000 domains - Family names - Permanent - Portable - Personalised Email Addresses - FreeView Listings Home Page

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Netscape Plug-ins
W e b F X for Netscape Download Area
VDOLive Video Player and Plug-in
Voxware ToolVox Applications
RealAudio 2.0 Homepage
Tumbleweed Software: Envoy Plug-in
Download the AmberReader
Shockwave: Plug-In Center

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Demographic Data Viewer Home Page
Data Access Tools
U.S. Gazetteer
Census TMS Home Page
Data Access Tools
Subjects A to Z
U.S. Census Bureau Home Page
Economic "Clock"
Map Stats
Current World Population

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BoWeb '94 Award Recipients
Internet Resources Meta-Index
The Whole Internet Catalog

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Ecology and Environment

Links to Ecology
Sites of ecological interest

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Teachers, take the hassle out of finding a new job by letting us do it
for you - totally free of charge! is a UK based teacher recruitment agency.

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College Financial Aid Information Page
Internet College Exchange
Senior Citizens
National Child Care Information Center
Ameritech Family Resources
Genealogy Resources on the Internet
Your Guide to Pets on the Internet!
SuperKids Educational Software Review
The Ultimate TV List: Childrens Shows List
K-12 On the Internet
Children, Media, and the World Wide Web

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Welcome to Home Arts
Dining Out on the Web
The Cyberspace Wine Map
Wines, beers and spirits of the net
Electronic Gourmet Guide

Hot Restaurants

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Vote Smart Web
CNN/Time AllPolitics
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Internal Revenue Service
Library of Congress
NASA Information Services
Welcome to the White House
The Dept. of the Treasury: IRS

Political Contacts
President George W. Bush  (202) 456–1414

House of Representatives
House of Representatives  (877) 762–8762 (toll free)    (202) 224–3121

Ways and Means  Bill Thomas—Chairman   (202) 225–2915 
Financial Services 
(202) 225–7502  Michael G. Oxley—Chairman (202) 225–2676
Write Your Representative by email

Senate   (877) 762–8762 (toll free)   (202) 224–3121

Finance  Chuck Grassley—Chairman  (202) 224–3744
Banking, Housing, And Urban Affairs  (202) 224–7391 Phil Gramm—Chairman  (202) 224-2934
Contact Your Senators

Other Contacts
Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neill  (202) 622–2000
Federal Reserve Board  (202) 452–3000  

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Music and CD Guide
Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences
Discovery Channel Online
ESPNET SportsZone
Buena Vista MoviePlex
Discovery Channel Online
Las Vegas
Mr. Showbiz
Welcome to MTV
Welcome to SportsLine USA

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New Age

Welcome to New Age Online
New Age Links

Center for World Servers

World Servers are those who respond to the inner impulse to aid and uplift Humanity. They are found in every field of human endeavor, seeking to practice right human relations, goodwill, and cooperation.
The Center for World Servers dedicates itself to all who aspire to serve Humanity and usher in a new and better era.

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On-Line Magazines
WSJ: Money and Investing Update
Welcome to ZD Net
Security APL Quote Server
Electronic Newsstand Homepage

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SportsLine USA
CD Now

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Recreation and Sports

ESPNET SportsZone
SportsLine USA
The Internet Movie Database Tour
The National Park Service
The Consummate Skiing List
Bicycle Clubs in the U.S.A.

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Virtual Retailing
Bargain Finder agent prototype
Netscape Galleria
Welcome to ISN
World Wide Yellow Pages
Recycler's World - Main Menu

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Social Services

Center for World Servers

World Servers are those who respond to the inner impulse to aid and uplift Humanity. They are found in every field of human endeavor, seeking to practice right human relations, goodwill, and cooperation.
The Center for World Servers dedicates itself to all who aspire to serve Humanity and usher in a new and better era.


Were some of the really inexpensive products that you just bought  made by Human Slaves in Second & Third World Countries? Believe it or not, the shameful institution of Human Slavery is still alive and well in various parts of the world and being fed by our multi-national corporations. Find out who, what , where, when, why and how - and what you can do to help stop it. None of us is free until all of us are free. Visit Free the Slaves website to get more information.


The global landmine crisis is one of the most pervasive problems facing the world today. It is estimated that there are between 60 and 70 million landmines in the ground in at least 70 countries. Landmines maim or kill approximately 26,000 civilians every year, including 8,000 to 10,000 children. Those victims that survive endure a lifetime of physical, psychological, and economic hardship. You can help the international effort to remove these deadly devices from the ground by "adopting a minefield."
Men's Issues

Mankind Project

The ManKind Project™ (MKP) is a 501(c)(3) organization with certified organizational centers in 23 different communities in the United States, Canada and England. Its stated mission is to assist men in "reclaiming the sacred masculine for our time through initiation, training, and action in the world." Interaction with the MKP begins with an experiential weekend "training adventure." The weekend is followed by ongoing, supportive and self-led "integration groups" formed from the weekend participants which help integrate the men's changes and new choices into their daily lives. In addition, there are numerous workshops offered throughout the year to further assist men's development. Since 1985, more than 10,000 men from diverse races, faiths, nationalities and sexual orientations have completed New Warrior Training Adventure weekends.
Women's Issues

Woman Within International, Ltd. 

This is a program designed by women, for women, and staffed by women. It is a "guided" program in that sessions are in sequence, leading the participant to descend into one's deep woman self and retrieve a part that has been buried for one reason or another; then to ascend with that lost part reclaimed and to celebrate the wholeness that is felt.

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Shoestring Travel Servers
Automobile Association (AAA)
All Things Automotive Directory
Virtual Tourist II World Map
Internet Resources--Countries
Disney Theme Park and Resort Sites
Hotel Anywhere!
Commercial/Airline Aviation Servers
Go Native! Guide to Bed & Breakfast Inns in the United States (B&B's)

Smoky Mountains and Western North Carolina

Welcome to Asheville, NC
Smoky Mountain Ancestral Quest
Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Companies:Travel:Tour Operators
Smoky Mountain Tickets & Tours - On-Line Ordering
Blue Ridge & Smoky Mountain Motorcycle Adventure Maps
Yahoo! - Regional:U.S. States:Tennessee:Recreation and Sports:Outdoors:Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Companies:Travel:Lodging:Bed and Breakfasts
North Carolina Bed & Breakfasts and Inns - Bed & Breakfast Inns ONLINE - Travel * Lodging * Bed and Breakfasts * Country Inns
Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Companies:Travel:Lodging:Bed and Breakfasts
Rainbow Jet Helicopter Mountain Flights
Foothills Land Conservancy
Family Inns of America, Motels-Suites-Resorts
The Happy Hiker, All Season Outfitters, Gatlinburg Tennessee
Tennessee Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers Association
GORP - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
The Smoky Mountains
Yahoo! - Regional:U.S. States:North Carolina:Counties and Regions:Western North Carolina:Indices
Yahoo! - Regional:U.S. States:North Carolina:Cities:Maggie Valley:Lodging
Yahoo! - Regional:U.S. States:North Carolina:Cities:Balsam:City Guides
Blue Ridge Online
The Smokies Magazine (tm) - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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Weather Information Superhighway
Weather Page
Risk of Seasonal Climate Extremes in the US Related to ENSO
Bibliography: Effects of El Niño on the United States
NOAA/PMEL/TAO 1997 El Nino and Climate Info
NOAA/PMEL/TAO El Nino Theme Page - access distributed climate data and information related to the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon
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