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Maggie Barton, MSW, CSW

Growing up in England, Maggie enjoyed the pleasantries of English Inns and brings those special experiences to the United States. She spent many years on Long Island, NY maintaining her own psychotherapy practice and opening her country home to clients and friends. Maggie has a graduate degree in Social Work from Columbia University and 18 years of clinical experience. Maggie's Place is the realization of her long-held dream of the ideal place for inner spiritual healing.

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All have marveled at her home decorating prowess and comforting hospitality. Together with her husband, Alan, Maggie is excited to be able to share a beautiful & peaceful place for people to come, escape the pressures & problems of urban life, and enjoy wonderful spiritual experiences in the great outdoors.

She loves hiking, canoeing, bicycling, storytelling, classical piano, cooking, baking, interior decorating, gardening, literature, meditation, counseling, Reiki healing, relaxation sessions, hypnosis, restoring antiques and, of course, entertaining. Maggie is the Faithkeeper of the Fox Tribe & Keeper of the Fairy Ring, and she will help you to have a successful Vision Quest, Inner Child Healing, or Relationship Renewal.

Maggie's Writings:

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