On-demand technical support and project management services to computer dealers and end-users since 1978.


We make computers work for you.

McRae Management Corporation was created in 1978, at the beginning of the personal computer revolution, to address the on-demand technical support and project management needs of computer dealers and their end-user clients. 

It was clear, even then, that computer dealers & end-users needed access to a reliable pool of experienced, professional computer specialists to assist their regular staff with the complexities of computer hardware, software and networks. Professionals who understood how to work with dealers, VAR's, manufacturers, sales reps, software companies, programmers, integrators, and network engineers without interfering with dealer/client business relationships.

We understood how to become an asset to all parties involved, and so our computer dealer clients eventually included: Computerland, Entre Computers, MicroAge, Sun Computers, and others. The process was simple: we worked with the top sales associates and lead support managers of a successful, growing dealer as an on-demand technical support resource and reliable project manager/assistant. Some dealers had us bill them at contracted hourly rates for services rendered, while others wanted us to handle particularly complex & risky projects as 3rd parties in order to minimize risks to their franchises. 

Either way, our meticulous attention to detail, including custom system documentation and routine "Management of Change" (MOC) reporting, meant that everyone with a need to know could find the information that they needed quickly & easily. Over the years, we have found that technical teamwork, professional documentation, change logging, defense in depth, IDS monitoring, on-going user training, and thorough disaster recovery planning are the keys to IT availability and quality of service in the SMB enterprise. 

What are the benefits of dealing with McRae Management Corporation?

Computer Dealer Benefits:

On-call emergency support assistance when you're tied up elsewhere.
Access to technical specialists as needed - not on your weekly payroll.
Additional service revenue streams you're not tapping into now.
Help with marketing state-of-the-art technologies that are very complex.
Expertise in vertical markets that you may not be selling to now.
You control your client base and get technical help as needed.

End-User Benefits:

Faster response from your dealer when you have serious problems.
Terrific on-site documentation and "Management of Change" paper trail.
Better PC/LAN/WAN security and intrusion attempt monitoring to protect
you and your organization from hackers..
Access to seasoned, knowledgeable professionals when you need them.
All without jeopardizing your relationship with your favorite local dealer.


Mission Statement:

"Our mission is to listen carefully to our client's needs, observe the flow of vital information throughout the enterprise, research the market for the best-suited software solutions, assist with the implementation of the ideal management information system for the dollars invested, and then stand behind the quality of the choices made with on-going support services & user training. We believe in collaboration, empowerment, innovation, creative problem solving and disciplined management of change - and the infinite possibilities of global connectivity."  
~Alan J. McRae, President

The state-of-the-art computer system, implemented with uncommon diligence, creative intelligence and patient attention to your changing business information needs. With over 25 years of on-site technical experience, you can be assured of the best computer support & technical teamwork available.

Technical Support for:

Open Systems Peachtree QuickBooks
Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP SCO UNIX MS-Office Suite
Norton/Symantec   Vertical Software
AcerOPEN ASUS Compaq
Dell Gateway IBM
Hewlett-Packard Linksys Netgear
Okidata Watchguard White Box Systems


Some of our Technology Partners:

Here are some of the technology partners that we work with to engineer state-of-the-art Enterprise Management Systems:

In New York
OSR Systems Web authoring, Web programming,
Web hosting services,  Graphics Processing, MS-ACCESS/VB and
Pick BASIC programming.


Fred Lee Computer Associates
Computer consulting and programming services in the NJ, NY/LI and CT tri-state area. 

FLCA also distributes its own propriety software business solutions for the insurance, healthcare and association/club industries in addition to the distribution of other industry solutions including Agency Assistant, Lytec and MediNotes.


In North Carolina
Archive, Inc. Image Scanning, Document Scanning, Graphics Processing, CD-ROM Archiving, and Fujitsu Scanners VAR.


and Supply Cellular, Inc.
Sales, installation, and service of telecom and data networks, including voice, data, video and fiber optics. T-1, 56K, DSL and POTS. PBX and Key systems programming. 828-646-9277
RD Yantiss and Associates SMB network design, installation, and support using Dell servers, workstations, and laptops. 828-622-7503
Partner Directory Additional Technology Partners  

Client History:

Click HERE for a list of some of our clients over our 25 year history.

Consultant Directory:

Click HERE for a directory of our consultants and links to their on-line resumes.

"Great people make great things happen." 
~Alan J. McRae

Contact Information:

McRae Management Corporation

32 Chancery Lane
Waynesville, NC 28786
tel: 828-452-4029
fax: 828-452-4029
1 Hobart Court
Dix Hills, NY 11746
tel: 631-499-2900
fax: 631-499-2900


Hackers are working overtime to break into your computers.
If you're not protected, you're probably infected!

Your best defense against this relentless assault is a proactive program of regular security monitoring.

If your systems do go down, you're going to need emergency help fast!


Forensics is the art of identifying what actually happened and what vulnerability was exploited.

In our rapidly globalizing economy, every business must use the power of internet marketing to reach new customers and suppliers.



In our complex technological world, very little happens without collaborative high-tech  team work.