Smoky Mountain
Weekend Experience

In order to work diligently on our spiritual blockages,
Maggie's Place offers you our Mini-Quest Weekend Program.

Together we will enter Sacred Space
via our Sweat Lodge Ceremony,
then proceed to a Sacred Site*,
build a sacred fire,
offer up sweetgrass & sage,
perform our sacred pipe ceremony,
create sacred music,
lift up our voices and our prayers.

We will guide you in creating Sacred Music,
drumming, dancing, chanting & toning, and connecting with your eternal Soul.

Maggie will then guide you on your inner journey,
helping you to overcome the blocks
that are holding you back
from further spiritual growth.

* These are NOT Native American Sacred Sites. 
They are sites in the National Forests that are sacred to us.
Our Vision Quest experience in NOT based on any traditional culture or teachings.
It is a process we have created to foster self-discipline, endurance, inner focus, and
deep listening for modern peoples of any religious or ethnic background.

For clarification, please click HERE.

The Mini-Quest Weekend is priced at $300 + tax,
which includes food & lodging.

Call 828-452-9609 for reservations.

All major credit cards accepted

(Note: the following program is a guideline - we may deviate from it in order to facilitate
your personal vision quest.)

Day One

7:00p.m. You arrive at Maggie's Place.
Since you are here to work on yourself, and time is limited on a weekend mini-quest, we need you prepare immediately for our Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony of Purification and Intention. (We recommend that you don't have a heavy meal before the ceremony.) So you will store your gear in your room, change into your lodge clothing (a bathing suit or loose, light clothing), and walk the Sacred Path up to our Sweat Lodge and Fire Circle.

8:00 to 10:00p.m. Sweat Lodge Ceremony
The sun is setting over the mountains, the stones are red-hot in the sacred fire, and with a little preparation you will be ready to enter the womb of our Sweat Lodge. In the darkness, heat and moisture, you will begin to release the physical and emotional toxins that pollute your body, mind and soul. We will then reach out spiritually to the Creator, the Father/Mother God, seeking the Strength, Faith and Guidance to go deeper into our Spiritual Life. As your Soul begins to stir, you will have the opportunity to begin your journey inward. Remember that you are always watched over with Love and that you are Safe. This experience will be without judgments. Sharing is recommended. Alan and I are with you as your guides to assist you with this wonderful process.

Day Two

8:00-9:00a.m. Mini-Quest Preparations
You will be fasting today (drinking only water or juice) and preparing for the walk to one of our Sacred Sites. (If you are not comfortable hiking to a site, we will work around our Universal Altar or on the grounds.)

10:00 to 1:00p.m. Sacred Site - Settling In
We will assemble at the Session One Sacred Site for the procession, invocation, intentioning, and vision quest process. We will set up our Camp, build a Fire, make an offering to Great Spirit, perform our Pipe Ceremony, and then seek your Power Spot(s) for your vigil. Depending upon your spiritual development, you may require two Power Spots: an Indwelling Spiral and an Outdwelling Spiral.

2:00 until Sunset - Spirit Dance, Prayer, and Centering
We will dance, sing, pray and do centering exercises at our Sacred Site. The purpose being to intensify our energy & attention, as well as surrender to the feelings that come up. We will create Sacred Music on drums, rattles, or other simple instruments, Dance in a circle around the fire, Tone with our voices and the didjeridoo, and then seek your Power Spot and begin a prolonged Meditation. This is where you will spend most of your active vision quest. Depending upon your spiritual development, you may need to move between two Power Spots: an Indwelling Spiral and an Outdwelling Spiral to balance your energy flow..

Sunset until Sunrise - The Vision Quest Vigil
You will remain awake all night, praying for clarity, insight, enlightenment and vision. If you get tired, we will dance, sing and pray with you to keep your energy flowing. Your guide will be at a respectful distance but alert to your every need - you are not alone!

Dawn - Your Vision Quest Vigil is Over
We will sit around the fire and you will begin to reenter the world. We urge you to remain silent and stay with the experience. We will strike camp and return to Maggie's Place.

Day Three

9:00 to 10:00a.m. Breakfast & Closing Preparations
Guests of Maggie's Place will share a hearty breakfast with us and prepare for the Sharing Circle and Releasing Treatment..

10:00 to 1:00p.m. Sharing Circle
We will form a Sharing Circle around the Maggie's Place Universal Altar - the Sacred Space at the center of our home. You will talk about your Vision Quest Experience, discussing feelings, thoughts, visions, dreams, signs and other manifestations. We will help you to interpret these communications from Spirit.

Releasing Treatment
You will then receive special assistance to help you overcome any "Sticking Points" that have surfaced. Maggie will lead you in various healing exercises designed to help you go deeper and become stronger. Your releasing treatment will help prepare you for your journey home – you will be tired from the previous day’s activities.

1:30 to 2:30p.m. Lunch
We will share a healthy lunch amidst the splendor of Maggie's Place.

2:30 to 3:30p.m. Closing Circle
We will join in a final Sacred Circle, Seal the Circle and bid you a safe journey home.

We will encourage you to keep in touch and let us know how you are doing in the future. Great Spirit has led us here to serve all those who are truly seeking Peace, Happiness and Wisdom – therefore, we are here to SERVE YOU! May you take the messages that you received during your Mini-Quest and use them to continue your Spiritual Evolution & attain Self-Realization. That is the true purpose and meaning of Human Life.
May God go with you and bring you Peace & Joy.

Maggie & Alan

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