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Those in need of Healing

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Our dear friends, Daniel & Elizabeth Reimers, have a new daughter Olivia Reimers who was born 3 months premature. Olivia is a real fighter who wants to live, and she is responding well to intensive neo-natal care in the hospital. Her doctors are calling her "The Miracle Baby".

We ask all healers, light workers, believers, and seekers to invoke intercessory prayers on behalf of Olivia Reimers, that if it be in her Soul's Highest Good she will make a miraculous & complete recovery to optimum health & normal development as soon as possible.

We love you Olivia!

P.S. Olivia is home and doing very well. Please continue praying for her continued development and improving health. Prayer does help...

Those in need of Support

Maggie, Alan and Gary have been managing Maggie's Place B&B/Retreat Center for seven years now, and though it has been very spiritually rewarding, it has left us a little financially drained. Gary, our principal financial partner, needs to fund some other business interests as well, while Maggie & I would like to continue The Work if God is willing. The numerous property improvements have increased the appraised value of the Center from $174,000 to over $300,000 during our tenure, so it has been a good real estate investment for all of us. We would like to find an additional partner who would like to help support our spiritual work as well as invest in additional property improvements. Next up is restoring the Japanese water garden, completing the greenhouse, additional landscaping, and some exterior refinishing. We would also like to increase our advertising budget in 2004 to let more people know that we are here. Pray that we will connect with the right person or financing source, and that we will either refinance & tap some of our equity or receive our needed funds as a buy-in or a generous gift.

If you have prospered and now desire to serve Humanity and those who minister to mankind, then perhaps you might consider this opportunity to support our spiritual work. Please see our Mission Statement, and if you share our values and our vision, then feel free to contact us at 828-452-9609.

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