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Reconnecting with Nature 
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Maggie Barton Counselor: Psychotherapy, Relationship Counseling, Lifestyle Counseling, Family Counseling, Hypnosis, and Reiki Master. 

Consultant: Creative Living Consultant.
Alan McRae Technologist: Computers & Information Technology, Internet Marketing Campaigns, Internet Web Site Authoring & Searching, Appropriate Technologies, Smart Home Technology, and Permaculture Homesteading.

The Sweat Lodge Ceremony, Spiritual Readings, Drumming, Rites of Passage, The Vision Quest, and Earth Changes.
Dawn Sky Weaver MASK: Meditate to Assimilate Self Knowing. The process starts with a ceremony performed by Dawn. While the person and Dawn are in a state of meditation, Dawn creates a mold of the person's face. Dawn will also see what messages are received by both her and the individual. These messages, along with your hidden gifts, are incorporated into your personal mask and booklet. It is a phenomenal experience! 
Ridley Hutchinson "Touch the Earth, Touch the Sky" Workshop: Pipe Ceremony, Sweat Lodge Ceremony, Rites of Passage, Vision Quest, 


Counseling Professional HELP with your core issues, personal problems, career, relationships, etc. Maggie Barton
Getting the Love
You Need

Modern life is undermining the Soul's inherent need for love, connection, meaning and stability. Through faith, patience, gratitude, proactive change, human priorities and meditation we can change the direction of our lives and get the love we truly need. Maggie & Alan
Following Your Bliss To achieve true happiness & inner fulfillment we must follow the path aligned with our Highest Purpose. For many people this path is obscured by fears, obligations, denial, and karmic debts. By reconnecting with "the magical child within", we can remember The Way and follow it to our True Bliss.  Maggie Barton
Your Life
The modern world has lurched onto the road of unbalanced Materialism, and All Life is suffering greatly as a result. There are Spiritual ceremonies and rituals that you can add to your life that will help you to remain centered and heart connected. Highly Experiential! Maggie & Alan
Readings Various techniques for divining changes in spiritual direction. "In what direction must I go to support my soul's growth?" Sometimes we must make a leap of faith and set off on paths that are not logical, nor easy to walk. Still, life is a journey, not a destination, and we must allow God to guide us ever onward. The answers we seek are within us. Alan McRae
Meditate to Assimilate
Self Knowing
The process starts with a ceremony performed by Dawn. While the person and Dawn are in a state of meditation, Dawn creates a mold of the person's face. Dawn will also see what spiritual messages are received by both her and the individual. Dawn will take the mask and wait for a dream or other inspiration before completing the mask and it's story. The Mask Story is a spiritual roadmap that reinforces the messages received during the entire meditation process.  Dawn Sky Weaver
Internet Marketing For most of the 20th century, media advertising was the most cost-effective way to reach a larger market, but there was a relatively high cost to achieve this "reach". In the 21st century, a rapidly developing global computer network is creating a remarkably low-cost marketing medium with international reach: the Internet. In this workshop you will learn how to make use of this extraordinary advertising medium to reach the entire world. Alan McRae
Paradigm Shift Understanding the fundamental principles underlying the "New Age" paradigm shift and the effects they will have on Mankind's future. The Way forward is not the way back - we have come too far to repeat the patterns of the past. We must fundamentally change the way we see ourselves and our world. We must create a new, more sustainable way of living and allow our Soul to guide us onto the road less traveled. Alan McRae
Preparing for the
Earth Changes
Periodically the Earth must rebalance itself to insure the well-being of the entire Community of Life. Are you prepared for climate changes, seismic activity, new drug-resistant diseases, international crises, globalization, downsizing and other external challenges? Practical things you can do to make a successful transition into the 21st Century. You can continue to move forward in your life even though adverse changes are taking place in the world, but you must have a clear understanding of these challenges in order to muster a creative response. Alan McRae
Rites of Passage Most human beings are gregarious, social beings who need to feel they are a part of a loving, supportive community that honors their life passage. We assist young & old alike with sacred rites of passage: birth, child to young adult, adult to elder, death, etc. Also, renewal of marriage vows, fertility ceremony, honoring of achievements, birthdays, and other celebrations. Alan & Maggie 
Sustainability The Age of Science & Technology has brought unprecedented material prosperity, longevity, and comfort to human life, but at the expense of the health of the ecological environment. Man's success has become a threat to the entire Community of Life, because we expropriate all of Nature's resources for our own exclusive use. If we are to become responsible Caretakers of our Living Planet, then we must begin to apply the principle of Sustainability to our system of living before we cause a runaway collapse of the Pyramid of Life. Dominion requires Responsibility.
Take a look at "The Road Ahead"...
Alan McRae
Sweat Lodge Ceremony Many aboriginal peoples realized the need for a spiritual communion ritual that involved all of the essential elementals: fire, earth, air, water, wood, sound, and prayer. We have created our own Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony for purification, clarity, healing, intentioning and social bonding. Alan & Maggie
Touch the Earth,
Touch the Sky
Workshop devoted to reconnection with the Earth Mother. We must heal our relationship with the lower kingdoms and rejoin the Community of Life as conscious Caretakers. Ridley Hutchinson
Vision Quest  

7 Day & Weekend Programs designed to bring you in touch with your "life's purpose", remove blockages to soul progress, and draw nearer to the Creator. Alan & Maggie

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