Retreats and Respites

How do you feel, down deep inside?

Do you need time out from the busyness of your lifestyle?

Time to be with yourself, to take stock of your life, 
to contemplate the road ahead?

Are parts of you not getting a chance to really live?

Feeling a little depressed, anxious, or disconnected?

Is the potted plant in your cubicle starting to look like a tropical rain forest to you?

Then you need either a retreat or a respite:

retreat  ree'treet  1. [n]  withdrawal for prayer, study and meditation; a spiritual retreat 
2. [n]  withdrawal to a more favorable position 
3. [n]  an area where you can be alone; a sanctuary; a refuge

A term literally meaning "to withdraw."  Within a spiritual context, retreats center on your relationship with God. A retreat tries to explore all the consequences of that relationship, including your decisions, your actions, your values, your goals, and your life's purpose.

A couple's retreat is an opportunity to get undistracted, intimate time together in a peaceful and quiet location surrounded by beauty and Nature for the purpose of deepening the bonds of Love, renewing & revitalizing the relationship commitment, and contemplating any unmet needs that are becoming a source of division or resentment.

A group retreat is a special gathering where the participants are invited to explore some topic, theme, issue or collective experience.

Business retreats are often designed to plan for the future, brainstorm new ideas,  or evaluate past performance.

respite  r?s"p?t 1. [n] temporary intermission of labor, or of any process or operation
2. [n] interval of rest; pause; release
3. [n] to relieve and refresh by a pause or interval of rest

If you are a caregiver, minister, helper, or companion to those in need, then from time to time you will need a respite to slow down, nurture yourself, be nurtured by others, and recharge your wellspring of well-being. If you will not give this to yourself, then others who value your work must gift it to you. Please accept the gift wholeheartedly.

How many of you are there?


Individuals, Couples, Families and Very Small Groups

If you need to get away from the modern world for awhile, we certainly understand!

We created Maggie's Place as a refuge from the traffic, noise, air pollution, and general busyness of
contemporary urban life. Here in the Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina you will find the peace & quiet of vast uninhabited forests, the soothing sounds of ancient waterfalls, fresh mountain air scented by pine & cedar stands, and a comfortable, cozy room with a fire to sit by. Maggie will help you to plan the kind of retreat or respite that you need, so you'll return home relaxed, refreshed, and invigorated.
Maggie's Place B&B/Retreat Center - Retreats Available
Maggie's Place B&B/Retreat Center
For individuals, couples, families or small groups of less than 6 people.
What kinds of retreats are available to me? What kinds of retreats are available?

For selected individuals that meet our criteria for an Extended Spiritual Retreat or Mental Health Respite, 
we also offer a special long-term rate based on need, ability to pay, and availability of space. We recognize that the stresses of modern life can become so overwhelming that they can threaten our sanity. Know that you are not alone - you have a friend here at Maggie's Place.

Please call us at 828-452-9609 to discuss your needs.

Check out our: "I NEED TO CHANGE!" Retreat.

Small Groups of up to 60 People

Sunset Inn
For small groups of up to 60 people
Through a special arrangement, we are able to host groups of up to 60 people at The Sunset Inn & the adjoining Providence Lodge. The Sunset Inn is a charming country inn overlooking Lake Junaluska in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. The Inn's thirteen guest rooms, large dining rooms, and breezy porches are reminiscent of the 1920's and are perfect for group retreats, family reunions, weddings, and other group getaways.

With comfortable rooms and fabulous food, the Sunset has offered mountain hospitality to hundreds of people since 1914. They can accommodate up to 31 guests, and the next door Providence Lodge can accommodate an additional 35. Just a short walk away are the swimming pool, tennis & basketball courts, playground, paddle boats, walking trail, and other outdoor activities. We can arrange all sorts of wonderful group activities, including whitewater rafting, horseback riding, wilderness hiking, birdwatching, ecotours, live music, storytelling, arts & crafts, group therapy & mediation, and lots more.

Whether your group books the Inn, or both the Inn & the Lodge, let us help make your group's mountain memories a lasting treasure. We offer group specials throughout the year. Call us for available dates and rates at 828-452-9609



Really Large Groups up to 100 people

The Mountain Retreat & Learning Centers
Large Groups up to 100 People

For really large groups up to 100 people, may we suggest 
The Mountain Retreat & Learning Centers
, a retreat center in nearby Highlands.

Open year-round, The Mountain offers excellent programming for all ages. Inspiration mixes with renewal as you challenge yourself to grow and learn. The Mountain is available for groups for meetings, retreats and other events. Browse their website to discover more about the opportunities from learning, renewal, personal growth and just plain fun that await you at The Mountain.

During your stay, you’ll enjoy simple but comfortable accommodations, wonderful food, and plenty of fresh air. The highly-skilled and committed Mountain staff will provide an exciting and meaningful program — you'll value your Mountain experience long after you've gone home.

Please call them at (828)526-5838 to discuss your needs.


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