Therapy and Counseling

Relationship Support Group Forming
In response to those who are having difficulty with relationship issues, I am in the process of forming a relationship support group. You are not alone, and a happy, supportive relationship is possible. 
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Individual, Family, and Group Psychotherapy

I am excited about being able to be with people in a supportive milieu and to be able to practice psychotherapy in a way that is more natural and alive than how I previously practiced. As my husband and I are ourselves transforming, becoming more balanced, and exploring our creative potential, I am pleased to be assisting others with this evolutionary process. 

I employ such tools as guided visual imagery, psychosynthesis, repatterning, inner child recovery, hypnosis, etc. My philosophy of healing is spiritually based - that is, I believe that psychological healing takes place when the client acknowledges and acts on the painful wounds and unmet needs of his/her soul.

I am happy to be of service to you.

Maggie Barton, MSW, CSW 828-4

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