Virgin Trees and Falling Water

(Douglas Falls)

Douglas Falls is a high waterfall pouring down the face of rocky cliffs
in the highlands near Barnardsville. Some of the mightiest hemlock trees
in the mountains are clustered near it's base, as this is one of the oldest forests
in the Southern Appalachian mountains.

Marvel at the mountains north of Asheville as we travel to the old forests.
We'll hike into the site (about a mile) through lush, green hardwood trees.

When we encounter the virgin hemlocks, we'll discover how many people with
outstretched arms it takes to encircle one of these forest elders.

We'll do ceremony and meditate under the long fall of water from Douglas Falls,
surrounded by lush mountain scenery resembling a South American rainforest.

We will picnic in a clearing enclosed by rock formations at the head of the falling water.

$50 per person

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