Welcome to Maggie's Place

On the outside, Maggie's Place
looks for all the world like a small, 
timeless, Buddhist Monastery 
somewhere in Tibet or Japan.
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As you approach the pebbled walkway
to the main entrance, you are welcomed
by the
Angel of Purity and Peace, who
acknowledges the Holy Spirit of God
within you;
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and St. Francis of Assisi, patron Saint 
of Healing through Compassion and 
Faithful Service.
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The broad overhanging roof line
magnificent stonework, terraced gardens
and natural Earth colors, transport the 
imagination to a mystical place called 
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Enter through the Sacred Blue Door,
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and one is greeted by an unexpected view
of classical Victorian richness tempered 
by spiritual awareness.
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As you enter Maggie's Place, your eyes
will feast upon our living room and 
you will immediately feel right at home
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Next you will want to see our Great Room,
with it's splendid dining area,

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and music/meditation space.

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Here, in the spiritual center of our home,
 you will find our Universal Altar: dedicated to all of the many Paths to
Enlightenment and Self-Realization.

We honor whatever Spiritual Path you have chosen - even the Path of 
Still Searching.

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At Maggie's Place, small is beautiful. 
So we only have two guest suites - 
Tao Apartment (for singles & couples) and the Unicorn Suite (for families). 

After all, you're coming here to get away 
from the crowds - not to stay in a glorified college dormitory. And we are here to make your stay as enlightening and enjoyable as humanly, and as divinely, possible. 

So we choose to be small in order to focus completely on your needs while you are here.

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Tao Apartment BR

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Unicorn Suite MBR

You'll sleep like a baby here in the peace & quiet of the mountains. In the morning, while you feast on a healthy gourmet breakfast, you can gaze out on our beautiful Zen water garden click on Photo to enlarge
and surrender to the soothing sounds of falling water. click on Photo to enlarge
Guests requiring an early departure
for planned activities can partake of 
a continental breakfast, health shake, 
cereal or other fast, healthy foods.
During the day, you'll find that attractions and activities abound in the area. Our in-house tour guide will be delighted to share his experience by directing or escorting you to any number of truly magnificent mountain splendors.
If you're here to deepen your spiritual practice, then may we suggest a: 
Personal Retreat,
Vision Quest,

Mini-QuestSpirit Walk, Drum Circle
Prayer Vigil
, Sweat Lodge Ceremony, Meditation, Contemplation,
Guided Visualization or Healing Circle.
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If you are experiencing spiritual or emotional pain, then you may wish to receive professional individual or family psychotherapy from Maggie while you are here. You can even arrange for follow-up phone sessions after you have returned home.
In the evenings, you are welcome to join us in a gathering as we sit by the fireside, enjoying home-made dessert, meaningful conversation, live music and/or storytelling. We also have a well-stocked library for those who'd rather just curl up in bed with an enjoyable book.
Of course, if you're really stressed out, you might want to use our jacuzzi, get a massage, meditate, learn yoga or use our exercise equipment. If you get a brainstorm, you might want to use our computer center to surf the Net, create a PowerPoint presentation, fax a colleague, or create some web pages! Or maybe you would like to learn something new in one of our pathfinding workshops/seminars, or roll up your sleeves and participate in one of our active projects.
Relax, explore, delve within, or vege out - it's all up to you. 
We created Maggie's Place to meet your innermost needs and desires -
what we call
Maggie's Place: your place in the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina!


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