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As we proceed into more challenging and "interesting" times, we will need to employ our intuition in order to overcome the limitations of the intellect. For example, information overload (too much information) can result in indecisiveness just when inaction is not a viable option. At such times, only a developed intuitive sense can help us find the path forward. 

The same thing is true when we sense profound changes in the world around us that make us feel anxious, but we don't see how we can effect our environment. Sometimes we need to make a leap of faith in order to avoid imminent danger. And other times we need to stand our ground. 

Life is full of hard choices that have lasting consequences. Spiritual evolution is about bringing all of our gifts to the challenges of Life, making wise decisions about our values & priorities, and following through on our commitments. By showing up for Life we acquire the wisdom and confidence to continue climbing the mountain.

Our years of experience as self-employed professionals has taught us much about how to approach the challenges of daily life in the modern world. We try to stay focused on the real issues at hand and develop creative responses that are based on our spiritual values and concern for the entire Community of Life. In the final analysis, our solutions to life's problems have to work for us, and for them to be of any lasting value, they also have to work when others apply them. So we try to think seven generations into the future, as many wise Indian elders have suggested to us all.

If the path ahead seems unclear to you, then perhaps you need a fresh perspective 
or some new tools. 


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